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  • June 13 & 15, 2017
    Ms. Shimako Kato gave a presentation titled "Latest Developments in Inventive Step in Japan and Case Law" at European Patent Office (in Munich on June 13th, in The Hague on June 15th).
  • April 20・21, 2017
    Ms. Shimako Kato served as a panelist at the sessions titled "Doctrine of Equivalents and Prosecution History Estoppel in Europe" and "Patent Potpourri" in 25th Annual Fordham Intellectual Property Conference.
  • April 2017
    Ms. Emiko Maki wrote an article titled "Latest Supreme Court Decision regarding Trademark Law -Summary of the Supreme Court Decision Dated February 28, 2017" published on "Patents & Licensing (Vol. 46, No.6 (Issue No. 268))".