Attorney Profiles
Attorney at Law
Isao Saiki

LLB, Hokkaido University


Entered the Legal Training and Research Institute (41st graduating class)


Admitted to the bar (Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association) Joined Ginza Law Office (current Abe, Ikubo & Katayama)


Lecturer for Competency Assurance Classes organized by the Japan Patent Attorneys Association for patent attorneys acting as attorney in court proceedings over specific infringement


Audit & Supervisory Board Member for JFE Holdings, Inc.

Main Areas of Practice

Isao Saiki has extensive experience in providing legal services responsive to clients’ needs in the field of corporate law.


Mr. Saiki also handles various litigation deriving from corporate legal matters, especially in the fields of intellectual property law and securities laws, and has vast experience in handling litigation in the fields of pharmaceutical products, biogenetics, semiconductors, displays, manufacturing machinery and car navigation systems, as well as litigation brought under the Unfair Competition Prevention Act. In securities litigation, he has represented defendants in class actions and other court proceedings against multiple plaintiffs.


Furthermore, Mr. Saiki is well experienced in the field of business turnarounds and insolvency. He has been appointed on numerous occasions by the Tokyo District Court as a bankruptcy trustee, a supervisor in corporate civil rehabilitation, and a supervisor in personal bankruptcy matters. He also has broad experience in corporate bankruptcy as a deputy reorganization trustee in major corporate reorganization cases such as Maruko Inc., Chisan, Rinkai Nissan Construction, and Japan Airlines. Further, he has represented the petitioner in multiple large-scale corporate reorganizations and civil rehabilitation cases, and especially in the Sogo Group case that was considered to be the first large case under the newly introduced Civil Rehabilitation Law, he played a central role in the proceedings of the civil rehabilitation petition.


Mr. Saiki has further expanded his practice area and is assisting corporations with setting up compliance systems, serving as an outside auditor for listed companies, and writing articles on compliance. For seven years from 2003, he was a lecturer of the compulsory course required by the Japan Patent Attorneys Association in order to be accredited as a “Fuki-Benrishi”, who are patent attorney’s specially qualified to appear before the courts in intellectual property related litigation as a co-representative with an attorney at law.


His motto is, “Speedy and Accurate Work”.