Attorney Profiles
Patent Attorney
Shimako Kato

Bachelor of Material Engineering, Waseda University, Faculty of Science and Engineering


Japan Patent Office (Examiner, Appeal Examiner)


Scholarship by the National Personnel Authority to European Patent Office and German Patent Office


Seconded to the Tokyo District Court (Judicial Research Official)


Joined Abe, Ikubo & Katayama Registered as Patent Attorney


Qualified as patent attorney admitted to practice intellectual property infringement litigation


Higher Regional Court of Düsseldorf (Training)


Adjunct professor at Waseda University for LL.M. in Intellectual Property Law


Shimako Kato worked for the Japan Patent Office as a patent examiner and a member of the board of Appeal in the field of metal processing and polymer processing. She was also engaged in the amendment of the examination standards at the JPO. In the IP division at the Tokyo District Court, she provided, as a Judicial Research Official, expert advice on the technical aspects of patent properties to judges when they make judicial decisions on patent infringement cases in the chemical field and other intellectual property cases.


Shimako mainly represents companies in patent infringement cases, lawsuits seeking cancelation of JPO decisions, invalidation trials as well as opposition cases, using her experience and expertise at the JPO and the Tokyo District Court. She also advises clients in connection with contentious issues in Germany using her experience in the Higher Regional Court of Dusseldorf and European Patent Office.


Shimako has also taught “prosecution practice and exercise of patent rights” at the Waseda University LL.M. program in Intellectual Property Law since 2018. She frequently gives lectures for the JPO, IP organizations, EPO, and client companies.


Japan Patent Attorneys Association


Asian Patent Attorneys Association

German-Japanese Association of Jurists

VPP (Vereinigung von Fachleuten des Gewerblichen Rechtsschutzes)

Publications and Articles

・“Enforcement effect of a patent regarding method invention – in the light of the Supreme Court decision for “Kallikrein Case”” Brilliance of Intellectual Property Litigation- Festschrift in Honor of Judge Makiko Takabe’s Retirement, Kinzai institute for financial affairs (December, 2021)


・“Limitation on injunctive relief – In the light of indirect infringement and intended-use invention” Die Internationale Durchsetzung von Schutzrechten-Festschrift für Sabine Rojahn zum 80. Geburtstag, C.H.BECK (February, 2021)


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Lectures / Presentations

・“Issues on assessment of inventive step of inventions” – RCLIP Seminar for patent enforcement strategy, (Waseda University) 2022.1.22


・“What Is the Proper Approach to Patent Subject Matter Eligibility in Japan?” 27th Annual Fordham IP Conference (Online) 2021.4.8-9


・”Reasonable protection of antibody patents – The right balance between patentees and competitors -” 27th Annual Fordham IP Conference (New York), April 25-26, 2019


・Judicial Symposium on Intellectual Property / TOKYO 2019, Panel Discussion: Comparative Studies on Inventive Step (Moderator), September 27, 2019


・”Protection of use patents for food”, January 27 and February 4, 2019, the 16th open forum of Central Research Institute of Intellectual Property at the Japan Patent Attorney Association, January 28, 2019 & February 4, 2019


・”Doctrine of Patent Exhaustion in Japan” Fordham IP Conference (New York), April 5-6, 2018


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