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Attorney at Law
Hirokazu Honda

Hirokazu Honda closely engages with corporations by providing legal advice, drafting contracts and conducting negotiations on intellectual property licenses, joint research and development, M&A, international transaction, business consignment and alliance and leasing. He advises on matters relating to corporate law as well as the creation and operation of systems for corporate compliance and internal control based on his extensive experience of research and dispute settlement in corporate scandals, his work as an outside auditor and director for numerous companies, and an outside director for a loan servicer. In the field of IP law, he handles matters on litigation such as patent infringement litigation and appeals against JPO’s decisions, expert opinions on patent infringement in such fields as pharmaceutical and chemical industries, and contracts such as license agreements. He also has extensive experience in patent lawsuits brought by overseas clients. Utilizing the above experience, he is a frequent lecturer and presenter on license agreement practice for, US patent lawsuits, and Japanese patent law at international conferences. He has also worked closely on bankruptcy cases as civil rehabilitation cases and corporate reorganization cases.


Mr Honda provides appropriate advice by precisely understanding the needs of his clients based on his deep understanding of business activities in wide range of areas as a lawyer, and his two year experience of studying and training in Europe and America. He solves complicated cases through tenacious and detailed investigation.


His mottos are “Be calm” and “Logical argument”.


・New York (2004-)
・Attorney-at-law in Japan (Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association) (1995-)


・LL.M., University of California, Davis School of Law 2003
・LLB, University of Tokyo, 1995


・Japan Corporate Governance Network

Career as Director, Auditor, etc.

・Outside Director of United precision technologies Co., LTD (2018-)
・Outside Auditor of CAC Holdings Corporation (2017-)
・Senior Director of AIPPI Japan (2015-)
・Outside Auditor and Director of Uoriki Co., Ltd. (2007-2017)
・Outside Auditor of Nutri (2005-2008)

Publications and Articles

・“The Intellectual Property High Court Grand Panel Cases on the Enforcement of Patents Subject to a FRAND Declaration” AIPPI International Edition (Vol.40 No.5)
・Japanese Patent Litigation, 2nd edition (Co-author) WEST