Attorney Profiles
Attorney at Law
Kazuyuki Taguchi

LLB, Kyoto University Entered the Legal Training and Research Institute (43rd graduating class)


Admitted to the bar (Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association) Joined Abe, Ikubo & Katayama

Main Areas of Practice

Kazuyuki Taguchi believes that in legal practice responding promptly to clients’ needs and being able to provide problem solving advice from a business viewpoint are important. He has broad experience in real estate matters, corporate reorganizations to turnaround corporate businesses, financing, general corporate practice and other civil and commercial matters.


Kazuyuki Taguchi’s main work:
・In the field of real estate law, he has a deep and solid knowledge of various administrative regulations related to real estate and legal issues in connection to condominiums, issues concerning strata titles, and contractual issues of civil engineering and construction. He also has dealt with many real estate securitization cases. He believes that in this area, real-world knowledge and understanding of what kind of transaction is appropriate are important.
・He has handled many corporate reorganization and civil rehabilitation cases in various capacities to turn around corporate businesses. He also provides advice from a practical business point of view in corporate restructuring matters that are not under court supervision. He believes that he can contribute to restoring the Japanese economy by helping corporations who intend to restructure their businesses before it is too late.
・In finance area, he handles cases involving debt collection, such as preservation and enforcement, as well as general financial matters. He also handles various kinds of litigation in connection with financial practices. He believes that in this area, it is important to make prompt decisions and provide solutions, while complying with the applicable laws and ethics.