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The JPO engaged external AI advisors for supporting patent examiners in April 2024
Jun 17,2024

In April 2024, the JPO engaged external experts as AI advisors who will provide support to patent examiners. This support includes offering technological training and responding to Examiner’s inquiries.


The JPO established an original team in January 2021composed of patent examiners in charge of AI and managing staff to support the examination of AI-related invention with an aim to improve the quality of examination in this field. The supporting team was enhanced in October 2023 by increasing the number of the examiners in charge of AI from 13 to 39.


2.Newly established AI advisor team
The external experts are top-class AI researchers and support patent examiners based on their technical knowledge. It is intended thereby not only that patent examiners continuously improve their knowledge on AI-related technology but also that they examine AI related inventions appropriately.