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The JPO interviewed an inventor of an electronics geek!
Jul 31,2023

This is an article for taking a break during your early summer vacation.


A public relations officer at the Japan Patent Office interviewed Ms. Marina Fujiwara, an individual inventor.

Ms. Marina Fujiwara was selected as one of the 30 UNDER 30 by Forbes Japan last year, and is a well-known inventor among electronics geeks like myself, who has published a number of seemingly useless but somehow exciting electronic creations, as well as a book.

[URL of the article by JPO]

https://www.jpo.go.jp/news/koho/info/mudadukuri.html (Japanese only)


Please watch a Youtube video created by the Japan Patent Office (with English subtitles).



[English translation of a part of JPO article]

In the video, there is a surreal scene in which Mr. Sato from the JPO Public Relations Office tries out Ms. Fujiwara’s inventions. Please watch the video to enjoy Ms. Fujiwara’s unique world and feel the fun of making things.


Her web page is also available. If you are an electrical background, I bet you will enjoy it!