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Status of Applications filed after the restriction of Multi-Multi Claims
Oct 11,2022



This is another statistics regarding the Multi-Multi dependent claims after the restriction of Multi-Multi dependent claims.

Before the restriction on Multi-Multi Claims came into effect on April 1, 2022, the ratio of applications containing any Multi-Multi Claim to the total patent applications was about 65%.  However, the ratio decreased to about 5% after the restriction (6.0% for applications filed in April, 2022 and 4.5% for those filed in May, 2022, provisional data).


In the application bearing such Multi-Multi dependent claims, a notice of reasons for rejection for violation of the Ministerial Ordinance Requirement will be issued.  If such a notice is issued, the next OA can be a final OA and the scope of possible amendment may be limited.


For more detail, please see below.



Our recommendation is the amendment of claim dependencies before the commencement of substantive examination, e.g. filing such an amendment together with filing a request for examination.