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JPO released Analysis Results of the US-JP Collaborative Search Pilot Program Phase 2
Oct 18,2022

Katsuhisa AKUTSU


The US-JP Collaborative Search Pilot Program (the “US-JP CSP”) is the framework for supporting users so that they can obtain the first examination results from the JPO and the USPTO as earlier and simultaneously as possible, where the JPO and the USPTO independently conduct their own prior art searches respectively for an invention of a corresponding patent applications filed both in Japan and the U.S. and share their search results and opinions before issuing the first examination results.


The key points of the US-JP CSP are given below:


In Phase 2 (November 2017 to October 2020), a parallel scheme was adopted, where both Offices prepared each first Action draft independently and simultaneously.


The analysis results of Novelty/Inventive Step Determination in Phase 2 show that the concordance rate in determination between both Offices was 80% (67 out of 79 cases), while there were 40 cases where the cited documents were not the same.


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