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JAPP Organizes Issues on Copyright with Generative AI
Sep 5,2023

JAPP Organizes Issues on Copyright with Generative AI


On August 4, 2023, the Japan Patent Attorneys Association (“JPAA”) held a briefing session for the press to organize issues on generative AI and copyright law. At the briefing, the JPAA presented its view on the issues from the standpoint of patent attorneys, as well as several proposals and countermeasures for the use of generative AI.

The high level of explanation was also given on the issue of “whether copyrights would be recognized on products created through the use of generative AI?”


In particular, the JPAA explained the importance of “creating works in such a way that a copyright is recognized” if a copyright business is envisaged. Specifically, the JPAA explained “…the strategy and process on how and by whom to create, for what purpose, and using which AI, are important. Time stamps and other means could be used to secure evidence of the creation process.” They added that keeping detailed records of the creation process is also important in assessing whether or not a work infringes on the copyrights of others.


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