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Corporate General Advices

We provide legal services to a wide range of companies, including many companies that retain us on a permanent basis, to ensure that our clients’ business activities are carried out properly and smoothly, and to enable disputes to be prevented in advance. In addition, in the event of a dispute, we analyze the situation quickly and appropriately based on broad real-world experience, and support our clients in order to achieve the optimal solution.
We provide services to companies of all sizes, ranging from listed companies, small and medium enterprises, as well as start-ups, with coverage both in Japan and overseas. Our clients come from almost all fields of business, including manufacturing, (chemicals, materials, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, cosmetics, electricity, automotive, machines, metals, food and beverages, fashion, etc.), financial institutions, securities, trading companies, logistics, wholesale and retail, construction, real estate, communication, IT, information-related services, energy, staffing, medical institutions, universities and research institutes, and public bodies, among others.
The scope of our corporate legal practice extends across the following areas.
  • Advice on legal issues and disputes that arise on a daily basis in corporate activities.
  • Compliance and crisis management, serving on external and on in-house boards investigating fraud, establishing internal reporting channels, etc. (more details on this field can be found at this page).
  • M&A support, such as share acquisition/sales, mergers, business transfers, company breakups, share exchanges, etc., as well as due diligence. (more details on this field can be found at this page).
  • Advice and execution support from a strategic management viewpoint, such as restructuring, business alliances, management integration, etc.
  • Serving as outside directors, corporate auditors, etc.
  • Support and guidance relating to convocation and running of shareholder general meetings.
  • Drafting and checking of contracts and corporate documents.
  • Contract negotiations and dispute negotiations with other parties on client’s behalf.
  • Drafting of legal opinions.
  • Establishment of in-house systems, such as streamlining of regulations.
At our office, we are strongly committed to providing client-oriented services based on a thorough understanding of their unique characteristics and needs in order to grasp exactly what the client’s ultimate goal is, and then achieve that goal.
In addition, in order to be responsive to our clients that retain us on a permanent basis, we regularly hold discussion sessions on the issues that they are directly confronting both from a corporate and social perspective. By directly talking with our clients through such opportunities, we aim to develop closer bonds with our clients and achieve a deeper understanding of their business.
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