Practice Areas

Litigation/Dispute Resolution

One of our strongest practice areas lies in resolving litigation or disputes when they occur. This is demonstrated by our sterling track record of having successfully led many complex and difficult cases to date.
All of our attorneys have experience in cases ranging from ordinary civil litigation through to patent and other intellectual property litigation, corporate litigation, as well as highly-specialized large-scale litigation such as investor litigation and product liability litigation. Furthermore, most of our patent attorneys have acted as counsel or assistant counsel in patent litigation. In addition, we have a wealth of experience in civil preservation procedures (provisional attachment and provisional injunctions) for preservation of rights, as well as compulsory execution procedures such as vacation of real estate.
The experience gained through our execution of litigation is stored as strategies for dispute prevention and as know-how for risk management in order to be able to withstand litigation should it occur. These strategies and know-how are utilized and reflected in our work supporting the drafting of internal documents as well as contracts and documents for external release by our clients.
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The department in which our office is the most focused,
It is an introduction of one Intellectual Property Division.
Intellectual Property Division