Practice Areas

Business Rehabilitation
and Insolvency

In the field of business rehabilitation and insolvency, we have extensive experience in both voluntary liquidation and legal procedures.
Restructuring and voluntary liquidation not based on legal procedures
In voluntary liquidation, we represent debtor companies and work as expert advisors for the Small & Medium Enterprises Revitalization Support Council to help numerous small and medium-sized companies with restructuring and business succession by utilizing various procedures available from the Support Council. In cases where restructuring is difficult, we work to wind up the business in a fashion that is as smooth and orderly as possible.
Our experience of these cases is extremely extensive in terms of both the number of cases handled and their geographical scope, and we are involved right from the stage of determining the direction and procedures that should be employed to rehabilitate the business. Based on the needs of the company undergoing rehabilitation, we facilitate as smooth a restructuring process as possible while taking into account the interests of all the stakeholders. We have several lawyers who have been seconded to the Small & Medium Enterprises Revitalization Support Council national headquarters and the Regional Economy Vitalization Corporation of Japan, and have deep knowledge and experience in restructuring and reorganization through voluntary procedures. In addition, our coverage includes business turnaround ADR procedures of large corporations, the procedures used by the Regional Economy Vitalization Corporation of Japan, as well as special mediation procedures and management-guaranteed debt guidelines.
Restructuring and insolvency through legal procedures
We are involved in all facets of legal insolvency and restructuring procedures as counsel or court-appointed administrator for the petitioner company.
  • Company reorganization / civil rehabilitation
    As a court-appointed administrator, examiner, supervisor, etc. for Riccar Ltd., Maruko Inc., Spansion Japan, Japan Airlines, Yamazaki Construction, Tuzuki Concrete, Polymer Tech, Mount Gox, and many more.
    As counsel for petitioner for Sogo Department Store Group, Japan Leasing, Life Co., Ltd., The Dai-Ichi Hotel Ltd., The Chiyoda Mutual Life Insurance Company, The Kyoei Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Nissan Construction, Creed Corporation, Nitto Kogyo, Ryokuei Group, Sohken Homes Co., Ltd., Taiyo Kogyo Corporation, Daisan Shipping Co., Ltd., and many others.
  • Bankruptcy
    As a court-appointed receiver in numerous cases, including for Yamaichi Real Estate, Tokyo General Co., Ltd., Okamoto Hotels Co., Ltd., Grace Corporation,· and Ryowa House.
    As counsel for petitioner in numerous cases.
  • We also have handled many cases requested by creditors, secured creditors, sponsors, funds, and the like, as well as experience in requests from secured creditors’ committees.
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