Practice Areas

Intellectual Property

We represent our clients in large-scale intellectual property litigation and injunctions pertaining to patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, and unfair competition prevention law, as well as handle business negotiations and contract drafting relating to intellectual property.
Intellectual property litigation
One of our strongest practice areas is patent litigation (infringement litigation / injunctions, invalidation trials / litigation for revoking JPO trial decisions, arbitration, customs import bans, etc.). In our intellectual property practice, through collaboration among lawyers and patent attorneys each specializing in a particular area, we have handled numerous cases involving a broad range of technological fields, including life sciences, materials, machinery, electrical equipment, electronic materials, communications, and business models. These include cases involving cutting-edge technologies such as biotechnology and telecommunications, as well as cases relating to standard essential patents.
In addition, we have extensive experience in litigation based on the Unfair Competition Prevention Act concerning trade secrets and counterfeit goods, design infringement litigation, trademark infringement litigation, and copyright infringement litigation.
Intellectual property practice
Our attorneys at law and patent attorneys, who are all thoroughly versed in intellectual property practice and their technical specialization, draft and advise on intellectual property, such as the drafting of licensing agreements relating to intellectual property, technology transfer contracts, joint-research and development contracts, and content/software creation contracts, as well as remedying the rules relating to work inventions and trade secrets to meet best practice. Utilizing their wealth of knowledge and experience, our attorneys at law and patent attorneys also represent their clients in contract-related disputes and negotiations, and provide a wide scope of advise relating to negotiation strategies as well as brand strategies for increasing corporate value. In addition, we take pride in providing services tailored to each unique industry and business field for M&A cases and financial cases involving intellectual property.
Collaboration Between Attorneys at Law and Patent Attorneys
Leveraging our strength in the intellectual property division, which is responsible for obtaining intellectual property rights, our attorneys at law and patent attorneys from the legal division and the intellectual property division form close-knit teams to effectively and efficiently solve issues clients may face in intellectual property, and engage in a broad range of cases relating to specialist technologies and complex legal disputes. Our attorneys at law and patent attorneys also periodically hold study sessions relating to intellectual property in order to discuss and analyze the latest important court decisions as well as to share knowledge and experience gained through their work, enabling AIK to provide the very best legal services incorporating the most up-to-date information.
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Intellectual Property Division