Practice Areas

M&A and Business Restructuring

We have been engaged as advisors in many M&A and business restructuring projects, from listed corporations to owner-operated companies, varying across a broad range of sizes and industries. We propose the optimal strategy to match the needs of each particular case, including share transfers, mergers, company breakups, business transfers, share exchanges, tender offers, and share consolidation. In M&A involving conflicts of interest, such as MBO, we also act as independent committee members.
In M&A due diligence, we focus on efficient research of the key issues tailored to the needs of our clients. We are able to respond flexibly to those needs, from due diligence limited to specific issues through to full due diligence where necessary. In cases where intellectual property is a key area, our due diligence work will sometimes leverage in-house patent attorneys.
When drafting contract documents such as share transfer contracts and contracts between shareholders, we take care to draft constructive and effective draft clauses in line with the actual state of the business. Since all of our lawyers have litigation experience, we are able to look over the contract contents and negotiate for our clients with an eye on actual court practice.
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It is an introduction of one Intellectual Property Division.
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