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We advise on legal matters and aid in dispute resolution relating to all types of financial transactions for both domestic and overseas financial institutions and corporations. Our clients can be broadly classified into two groups: financial institutions and funds, which provide finance, and corporations, which are seeking finance. Our coverage encompasses advising on the issuance of share classes and share acquisition rights of unlisted companies, the issuance of share options, and funding for investment business limited liability partnerships and sleeping partnerships.
We also have extensive experience in the field of disputes, having handled numerous cases involving securities litigation filed by investors and individual shareholders, as well as disputes relating to financial products.
Our coverage also extends to business rehabilitation cases, where we advise on debt for equity swaps (DES) and debt for debt swaps (DDS). In addition, we have a wealth of experience in the creation, management, and cash recovery of assets and asset-backed lending.
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The department in which our office is the most focused,
It is an introduction of one Intellectual Property Division.
Intellectual Property Division