Practice Areas

Anti-Trust Law

In the area of anti-trust law, we handle a broad range of matters involving unfair business restrictions (cartels, bid rigging), private monopoly, unfair business practices and business combinations, and also advise on the establishment of compliance systems. We work closely with our clients on matters that may arise before the Japanese Fair Trade Commission, including requests for leniency, notification of business mergers, and any penalties that are handed out should that occur. In addition, we utilize our network of overseas offices to respond promptly and appropriately to global issues. In particular, in the fields where our firm’s strengths in intellectual property law and antitrust law overlap, we are involved in numerous leading cases in Japan, providing us with unparalleled knowledge and experience.
Furthermore, also as part of our antitrust coverage, we advise on the establishment of compliance systems relating to the Act Against Delays in Payment to Subcontractors and the Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Presentations, and actively engage with the regulatory authorities in responding to those issues.
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