Attorney Profiles
Attorney at Law
Takafumi Harada

LLB, Keio University


LL.M, Keio University, Post Graduate Jurisprudence


Entered the Legal Training and Research Institute (53rd graduating class)


Admitted to the bar (Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association) Joined Abe, Ikubo & Katayama

Main Areas of Practice

Takafumi Harada handles a broad range of general corporate legal practice, including litigation, compliance, risk management (handling of corporate scandals etc.), M&A (including business such as DD), restructuring (mergers, spin-offs, share exchange, etc.), insolvency/business rehabilitation (company reorganization administrator, civil rehabilitation petitioner representative, bankruptcy administrator), etc.


With regard to litigation, Mr. Harada has been involved in numerous cases, including corporate litigation such as securities litigation and shareholder lawsuits, as well as administrative litigation, and has abundant experience and a superlative track record.


Mr. Harada is also very familiar with fields that have been drawing a lot of interest from companies and that have become more important in recent years, including personal information protection, internal reporting systems (Whistle-blower Protection Act), and executive compensation (RS etc.).


He respects the client’s position to the fullest in relation to the various legal problems that the client faces, and does his utmost to provide his clients with optimal solutions promptly. Mr. Harada takes great care to provide articulately drafted documents and legal advice supported by theory.

Publications and Articles

・“Internal Reporting / Whistle-blowing Response Practical Manual” (author and editor), Minjiho Kenkyukai Co., Ltd. (2017)
・“Company Law Forms” (author and editor), Shoji Homu Co., Ltd., (2017)
・“Compact Commentary on Company Act – Part 1 Shareholder General Meetings” (author and editor), Shoji Homu Co., Ltd. (2016)
・“Civil Law (Claims) – Article-by-Article Commentary on Draft Amendment Bill” (author and editor), Seibunsha Co., Ltd. (2015)
・“Legal Risk / Compliance Risk / Management Practical Manual – Practical Guide and Forms from Basics to Handling Emergencies” (author and editor), Minjiho Kenkyukai Co., Ltd. (2015)
・“Specialized Litigation Course No. 8 – Bankruptcy and Rehabilitation Litigation” (collaboration), Minjiho Kenkyukai Co., Ltd. (2014)
・“Financial Instruments and Exchange Act Q&A” (collaboration), Ginko Kenkyusha Co., Ltd. (2006)
・“Whistle-blower Protection Act and Corporate Legal Affairs” (author and editor), Minjiho Kenkyukai Co., Ltd. (2006)