Attorney Profiles
Attorney at Law
Shin Horiguchi

Waseda University (LL.B.)


Meiji University Law School (J.D.) The Legal Training and Research Institute (62nd graduating class)


Admitted to the Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association, joined Abe, Ikubo & Katayama


2015 – 2018
Project Manager at the National Headquarters of the Small & Medium Enterprises Revitalization Support Council


Network of Japanese Restructuring Lawyers
Bankruptcy Act Committee of Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association

Main Areas of Practice

Shin Horiguchi specializes in business rehabilitation & succession, corporate legal affairs, and dispute resolution.


In recent years, Mr. Horiguchi has particularly focused on the rehabilitation of small and medium enterprises (including bankruptcy and wind-ups).  Utilizing his experience as a project manager at the Small & Medium Enterprises Revitalization Support Council, Mr. Horiguchi has extensive hands-on experience, serving as a company representative and as an expert advisor from the Support Council to companies in need of rehabilitation all across Japan.


Based on motto of “clients first”, everyday Mr. Horiguchi strives to provide legal services that will satisfy his clients.


In addition, since problems from various legal fields are intertwined in business rehabilitation in a complex manner, negotiation skills are required that are capable of providing comprehensive solutions.  Based on a wealth of experience gained through the rehabilitation of numerous businesses, to his retained clients Mr. Horiguchi provides detailed and practical legal advice that goes beyond generalities.

Publications and Articles

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