Attorney Profiles
Attorney at Law
Satoshi Misawa

LLB, Keio University


The Legal Training and Research Institute (59th graduating class)


Admitted to the bar (Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association), joined Abe, Ikubo & Katayama


2013 – 2015
Project Manager at the National Headquarters of the Small & Medium Enterprises Revitalization Support Council

Main Areas of Practice

Satoshi Misawa specializes in business rehabilitation, insolvency, litigation and dispute resolution, M&A, and real estate.


In the field of business rehabilitation and insolvency, Mr. Misawa is heavily involved in legal liquidations, such as bankruptcy administration and civil rehabilitation, as well as voluntary liquidations.


In particular, in the field of voluntary liquidations, based on his experience as a project manager at the national headquarters of the Small & Medium Enterprises Revitalization Support Council from 2013 to 2015 and involvement in the formulation of procedures for consolidation of guaranteed debt according to the guidelines relating to debt guaranteed by management, Mr. Misawa acts as an expert adviser for the Support Council all over Japan, and as a debtor representative in cases of voluntary liquidation of medium and small enterprises.  In recent years, he has also been engaged in cases involving business succession or wind-ups due to the absence of a successor.


In his retained practice, Mr. Misawa also handles a broad range of routine legal work, such as examination and preparation of contract documents, drafting of legal opinions, credit preservation and recovery, cases involving trademark law and unfair competition prevention law, personnel and labor cases as well as issues involving inheritance by family members of company officers or employees.  Mr. Misawa takes care to provide pertinent advice from a preventive point of view based on his extensive experience in litigation and dispute resolution.

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