Attorney Profiles
Attorney at Law
Aya Fujimatsu

Graduated from Keio University


Entered the Legal Training and Research Institute (54th graduating class)


Admitted to the bar (Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association) Joined Abe, Ikubo & Katayama

Main Areas of Practice

Aya Fujimatsu handles general corporate legal affairs in the fields of M&A, business rehabilitation, insolvency, and intellectual property.


In the M&A field, Ms. Fujimatsu specializes in the medical area, such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and dispensing pharmacies.  Ms. Fujimatsu has worked on matters involving business restructuring, business transfer, etc. in various business fields, such as industrial raw material and food manufacturers, financials, logistics, publishing, and the like.


In the field of business rehabilitation and insolvency, Ms. Fujimatsu has engaged in large-scale projects, including the reorganization of Japan Airlines, and has worked in civil rehabilitation cases as the petitioner representative for many companies in the manufacturing, service, and real estate areas.


In the intellectual property field, Ms. Fujimatsu has served as a legal representative in patent infringement lawsuits, trial decision revocation lawsuits, etc.


In addition to the above, Ms. Fujimatsu handles common legal problems relating to labor issues and company law, contract drafting, preparation of written opinions, and shareholder general meeting guidance.  She has represented companies in a broad range of litigation, has been appointed to internal investigation committees charged with investigating corporate scandals, and also handles in general corporate legal affairs, including issues involving external helpline channels.


Ms. Fujimatsu intends to continue working in the above fields while actively seeking to broaden her expertise in new fields.