Attorney Profiles

Morio Takeshita


1955 LLB at the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law
1957 LL.M at Masters Course, Tokyo University Post Graduate Sociology, Entered the Legal Training and Research Institute (11th graduating class)
1959-1972 Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor of Rikkyo University, Law Faculty, Associate Professor of Hitotsubashi University
1963 LL.D at Tokyo University, Doctors Course, Post Graduate Sociology
1965-1967 Study in the former West Germany as a research scholar of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
1972-1996 Professor of Hitotsubashi University
1996 Emeritus professor of Hitotsubashi University
Professor of Surugadai University, Law Faculty
1997 Admitted to the bar (Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association)
Special Counsel of Abe, Ikubo & Katayama
1999 President of Surugadai University
2007 Chancellor of Surugadai University


  • Member of the Japanese Association of the Law of Civil Procedure and the German-Japanese Law Association
  • Chairman of the Legislative Council of the Ministry of Justice


  • Special Adviser to the Minister of Justice
  • Advisory Panel for Reforming the Judicial System (Acting Chairman)
  • Member of Advisory Committee on Civil Rules of the Supreme Court
  • Member of Advisory Committee on Rules of Family Affairs of the Supreme Court
  • Counselor of the Cabinet Legislation Bureau
  • Arbitrator for International Energy Agency Dispute Settlement Centre


  • "Research on Real Estate Enforcement Law" (Yuhikaku)
  • "Issues for the Civil Execution Law" (Yuhikaku)
  • "Substantive and Procedural Law of the Civil Execution Law" (Yuhikaku)
  • "Security Interests and Civil Execution and Insolvency Procedure"
  • "Article by Article Explanation of Corporate Reorganization Law" First, Second and Third Volumes (Koubundou) Co-author
  • "Article by Article Explanation of Civil Execution Law" (Koubundou) Co-author
  • "International Insolvency Law" (Commercial Law Center) author and editor
  • "Code of Civil Procedure (New Edition)" (Koubundou) Co-author
  • "The Court Law (Forth Edition)" (Yuhikaku) Co-author
  • "Annotated Code of Civil Procedure (1) (2) (3) (6) (7) (9)" (Yuhikaku) Co-editor
  • "Corporate Litigation/Corporate Reorganization Law (System for Court Practice 3)" (Seirin Shoin) Co-editor
  • "Annotated Civil Preservation Law (First Volume)" (Seirin Shoin) Co-editor
  • "Model Compendium of Laws (mohan roppo)/"Concise Compendium of Laws" (Sanseido) Co-editor

As well as numerous essays