Attorney profiles

Hisashi Ito


1982 Graduated from Chuo University, Law Department
1983 Graduated from Chuo University, Law Department
1985 Admitted to the bar (Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association)
Joined Ginza Law Office (current Abe, Ikubo & Katayama)
1991-1995 Worked at Supreme Court Legal Training and Research Institute (In charge of Civil Advocacy Instructor's Office)
2003 Instructor of the Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court
2009- Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association General Legal Institute Chairman of Bankruptcy Committee

Main Areas of Practice

Hisashi Ito's main practice areas are insolvency law, intellectual property law and corporate practice.In the insolvency law area, he acts as counsel to the petitioner and administrator in corporate reorganization, civil rehabilitation, bankruptcy and special liquidation for many companies. In such procedures, he advises on risk management for companies facing serious risks such as lease, credit card, life insurance, hotel, manufacturer, and construction companies including listed and large corporations and has vast experience in assisting such turnarounds and reorganizations. Reorganization Trustee for Tsuzuki Concrete Co., Ltd., Riccar, Daido Concrete Co., Ltd., Yamazaki Construction Co., Ltd., etc. Deputy Petitioner for reorganization of Toyo Telmy, Nihon Lease, Life Corporation, The Dai-ichi Hotel, The Chiyoda Mutual Life Insurance Company, The Kyoei Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Nissan Construction, etc. Deputy Petitioner for civil rehabilitation of Dai Nippon Construction, Daisan Kaiun, Taiyo Industrial Co., Ltd., etc. Trustee in Liquidation of Ryowa House, Grace Corporation, etc.

In the intellectual property law area, he is engaged in contract practice with regard to intellectual property in addition to handling infringement injunction lawsuits and provisional dispositions.

Further, in the area of corporate practice, he provides advice from the viewpoint of corporate legal practice for a variety of matters in response to requests from numerous corporations. Areas handled by him span compliance, company, economic, contract, real estate and compensation law and he also works as a corporate auditor.

Since 2003, he has been working as civil advocacy instructor at the Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court and overseeing guidance to young professionals in the legal community. In addition, he was involved in many activities as a member of the Information Disclosure and Personal Data Protection Committee of Inagi City, Tokyo, and of the school board of Tama City, Tokyo.