The firm

The firm

Abe, Ikubo & Katayama was founded by the representative partner, Shogo Abe, under the name of Ginza Law Office in 1959. Since then, we have represented numerous clients in litigations and negotiations, provided legal advices, and earned the full trust from those clients. The matters that we have dealt with are civil matters concerning general corporate advices, litigation and alternative dispute resolution, corporate insolvency (civil rehabilitation and corporate reorganization law), intellectual property, international legal matters, M&A, and finance as well as criminal matters.

In 1991, the name of the firm was changed to Abe, Ikubo & Katayama. In 1997, the arrival of Emeritus Professor of Hitotsubashi University, Morio Takeshita as a special counsel added much more depth to our specialized areas of law. In 2000, we established Patent Prosecution Division (currently Intellectual Property Division) and enhanced our patent application and prosecution services.

We are now one of the leading law firms in Japan in intellectual property law and corporate related laws with more than 120 members consisting of attorneys at law patent attorneys and secretarial and managerial staff. Our clients include a diverse array of businesses such as manufacturers, financial institutions, distributors, construction companies and various enterprises in the service industry, both in Japan and overseas. We regularly provide legal services to over 230 Japanese companies as well as to overseas companies as the retained counsel.

7Strengths of Abe Ikubo, Katayama

  1. 依頼者であるお客様を全力で支援します。

  2. 半世紀にわたって企業の発展を支援し続けてきた実績があります。

  3. すべての弁護士が訴訟事件の実績を積んでおります。

  4. 事業再生のスペシャリストが在籍しております。

  5. 知的財産に関するご相談はすべてお任せ下さい。

  6. 国内外の緊密な提携関係の充実を図っています。

  7. 阿部・井窪・片山法律事務所は所属メンバー全員が強固な信頼関係で結ばれた法律事務所です。